FaceBook Disabled My Account

Oh no! my FB account just got disabled, and nothing much to do about it!( I DID NOTHING WRONG)

Just as you read it, did this ever happen to you? then YOU SHOULD JOIN US!, we believe that the poor support facebook has, not giving customers the service they deserve, also because Facebook itself, I believe it can be better, add more features, or make it more user friendly, is something we need to take action about! so here where we start.

So what we are going to do?!

Simply! make a better Facebook, crazy idea? yes, Impossible? Maybe but nothing in impossible, worth a shot? Definitly!


so how we are going to do it?! well first we need to understand how many share with us this vision, then we will check what we are capable off, together. so if you are with us on this, just comment below and let us have a way to contact you!


if you are too scared, then don't worry stay disabled for ever!